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Swinging Electronic Walking Chicks and Ducks

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The cutest set of toys your kids should have are swinging ducks and chickens in line!

Made to deepen your kids' love for animals through their intense cuteness! 🐣 And improve your kids' motor skills while waddling like the smallest duck following this set of owls and chickens. 🐤This set of owls and chickens has a magnetic part that makes them fall in line like a train while swinging and walking! Literally the cutest toy there is and the perfect toy for children who love animals! Your kid swinging and walking like chickens is the thing you need right now!


Product Information:

  • Plastic Type: High-quality ABS
  • Types: Duck, Chicken, and Owl 
  • Colors: Pink, Violet, Yellow, White, Brown, and Green 
  • Features:
    • Suited for kids 1-year-old and up
    • Good for enhancing your kid's imagination and cognitive skills 


Get your child to waddle like a duck with this swinging magnetic chicken!

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